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Nuestro Collectivo

A family of movement lovers

Fit Young Man

Tony Stark

Assistant Instructor

It’s clear that Morgan James loves what they do. They began their yoga training after suffering a difficult injury, and have since become passionate about sharing its powerful restorative effects with their students.

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Confident Young Woman

Wanda Maximoff


What started out as a quick daily practice for Reese Whiteman soon transformed into a full-blown career. Having trained in a variety of techniques and styles, Reese Whiteman brings together this eclectic mix into classes that you are sure to enjoy.

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Confident Fit Woman

She Hulk

Senior Instructor

If you are on a path to lasting personal growth, Jamie Lane is the Senior Instructor for you. Their classes are the perfect blend of fun and challenging, bringing you a burst of positivity to carry you through your day and beyond.

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Be part of our Collectivo

Welcome! At Movimiento Factory our goal is to offer you a broad range of yoga classes and services that will help you feel excited about yoga. Situated in the Barcelona area, we incorporate a variety of practices in movement, breath, and meditation. We know that yoga is not a one size fits all exercise, so we help each one of you find the right yoga class for your needs. Are you ready to make a positive change in your lifestyle?


Our range of offerings gives you the flexibility to choose the yoga retreat, workshop or teacher training that best fits your needs and demanding schedule. Are you ready to make your yoga practice even better? Take a minute to look at our offerings and book today!

Yoga on the Beach


Warrior One

Teacher Training Programs

Yoga Class


Yoga Is Self Care

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The Joys of Yoga

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Aligning With Yourself

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